All orders over $75 in Canada & US ship FREE!
All orders over $75 in Canada & US ship FREE!


Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m sorry no. Due to time restraints, we only work on those masks we have manufactured. However, we do sell a good variety of Apex Genuine Parts that you can use to maintain, refresh, or repair your mask.

Yes, white, or black (gloss or matte finish) are our standard colour options. We can do solid custom colours for an additional fee.

We are extremely proud to be able to say that we hand craft each mask from start to finish including – concept, design, mold making, fiberglass, trim, prep, paint, and assembly, it’s all done here, in our Burlington, Ontario factory.

We do not offer custom paint.

Apex Goalie Mask Inc. will provide you with an unrivaled product and personal one-on-one experience where you can deal directly with us, the goalie mask experts. Each helmet is hand crafted to meet your expectations. Apex Goalie is 100% Canadian.

Your Apex warranty covers all mask parts against manufacturer defect. Further coverage is extended to the composite components (the shell and back plate) including repair or replacement should structural damage occur within the warranty period.

We are continuously working on making the ordering process easier for you. You can always order here on our site or contact us directly so we can we guide you through the process.

Every direct order mask is custom built from its raw materials specifically for the goalie who will wear it. Production times can vary depending on the number of customizations required. Our retail partners carry standard production models ready for immediate pick up or ship.

The main differences between the build classes we offer is construction, warranty and pricing. All our masks share several design features and components and are built using an epoxy resin. In the case of our CSA/HECC certified masks, these must be manufactured and sold as tested. Our professional build models can be completely customized to your size, your specs and your preferences.