All orders over $75 in Canada & US ship FREE!
All orders over $75 in Canada & US ship FREE!

About Apex Goalie

Apex Goalie Mask Inc. is a company founded and owned by Ron Stefaniuk, a dedicated Goalie Mask Designer with a passion for creating top-tier goalie masks.

It all started 25 years ago...

My passion for this artform began as a hobby 25 years ago as I started custom painting, refurbishing, and repairing goalie masks in my garage. At the time, I was working in construction and building homes as a residential framer, but the ups and downs of the construction industry allowed me the time to practice, make mistakes, and learn about the ever-evolving art of goalie mask design.

The funny thing about learning a new craft – the more you pick up, the more you just want to keep going. Hours pass like minutes, and even now, I’m still loving what I do so much, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

I can’t quite explain what continues to drive me in this industry, I believe it’s all the support I’ve received from family, friends, and folks like you. Thank you! A huge thank you should be paid to those who mentored me and those who shared tips and tricks along the way too. Your support and trust propel my obsession to design, create and build. Thank you!

Here at Apex Goalie, I’ll continue to give you my absolute best.

Ron Stefaniuk
Founder & Designer of Apex Goalie Mask Inc