All orders over $75 in Canada & US ship FREE!
All orders over $75 in Canada & US ship FREE!

Welcome to the all-new apex goalie

Next-Level Craftsmanship,

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APEX 906

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A message from Ron

I want to express a heartfelt thank you to every person who supported me, and the wonderful team that mentored and worked with me throughout the incredible journey of Coveted Mask.

My extreme passion for mask design revolves around the individual goalie, placing their comfort and protection at the forefront. I’m grateful for your trust as it has fueled my passion, allowed it to take shape and become a reality.

While the Coveted Mask chapter may be closing, I have been hard at work creating fresh, totally elevated designs that I hope will blow you away. By studying the data, and incorporating your feedback, the new mask designs emphasize improved comfort, protection, performance, and durability. Come with me as I introduce my new venture – Apex Goalie Mask Inc.

Ron Stefaniuk
Founder & Designer of Apex Goalie Mask Inc